Some Things Above

After hundreds of millions of years, creatures on the earth have adapted to the alternation of day and night. But even so, the lights and high-rise buildings that represent modern civilization are still gradually confining the world to an increasingly narrow starry sky. People live in the city and enjoy the material enjoyment at the expense of pollution. What does light pollution cost us? I hope to amplify the empathy point between humans and nature to arouse people's attention to light pollution, reflection on unconscious destruction, and awe of darkness / nature.

The most significant obstacle to solving a problem is the lack of awareness and attention. Therefore, I started with the most common things in people's lives - lights, shadows, and plants. For three weeks in a row, I went out every night between 12 and 2 am to observe and photograph - reflective street signs, tree shadows on roads, flashbulbs by the apartment, traffic lights’ reflection on glass windows, etc. While taking photos, I tried to overexpose the images as much as possible. Afterwards, I added histogram images on each picture, implying the abnormal states of those objects and also an abstract symbolization of cities.